How to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags

Best Tools to Find the Best Twitter Hashtags
Find Trending Twitter Hashtags
1. Twitter Native

The most obvious place to check out trending hashtags is the actual Twitter website because it has the most accurate information on the subject. Not only is this the best source based on legitimacy of data, but Twitter also offers “tailored trends” to each user based on where they are and 

2. Trendsmap

Trendsmap is a navigational tool that allows you to look up the trending hashtags by location. This is fun and powerful for marketers because you can see how different locations are discussing different events online, and use that information to geo-target your messaging.

Getting a pulse on what’s going around in your local area is a great way to speak directly to segments of your audience. The trending topics in Chicago can look completely different from what’s trending in San Francisco or New Mexico. Whether your brand is national or local, this is a handy hashtag finder to go beyond the more broad national trending hashtags.

3. #tagdef

Tagdef—as in hashtag definition—is a site that lists popular hashtags by time frame, including current, weekly and all-time top hashtags. Tagdef is also great since the site provides the definition for each hashtag, making it easier for marketers to familiarize themselves with the topic before diving in to create the content.

Use Tagdef to avoid looking like the out of touch brand jumping on trending topics without actually knowing what they mean. It’ll save you a lot of embarrassment and awkwardness.



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